Module 9: Research, Development and InNovation


Objective of the module

In the view of the development of a Common Knowledge and Innovation Space (CKIS), this seminar would be dedicated to develop a better understanding of the EU RDI policy and the main challenges for the ENP countries full participation to a CKIS.

Profile of participants

The participants will be Officials from the 16 ENP countries:

  • Coming from different Ministries directly dealing with RDI policy;
  • Wishing to improve their knowledge about EU Project management and rules;
  • Academic education or equivalent;
  • Good command of English and/or French;
  • In a position to become a contact point for activities linked to EU-ENP Projects in their country;
  • Committed to actively support the partnership with the EU and all other ENP countries.

Number of participants

42 participants: 3 per country

Number of sessions



3 days of training


Campus of the College of Europe (Bruges)

Topics covered

Overview of the RDI policy in the EU and the ENP

Provisional dates 24-26 September 2013
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